remote starters



Viper has again delivered amazing products.  The remotes have best in class range, distinct buttons, easy to use and slim.  Combined with our installation techniques you will have years of enjoyment.  We always integrate to your factory security systems, so you won’t have dummy lights on in the dash or alarms going off when you use the system.  All our installations come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  All quotes are vehicle specific and are NO HASSLE PRICING.

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We also install Factory Remote activated starters and control of your car from your SmartPhone!

Remote Starters- Cleveland areas finest

Common Features

Programmable 12/24 and 60 Minute run-time, Parking light confirmation, Keyless Entry if equipped.

Standard Safety Features

Brake Shut-down and Parking light confirmation. 

Optional Features

Rear Defrost output, Heated Seat activation, Dome-light Supervision and more...

  1. * Additional parts and labor may be required for proper operation.  These install parts and/or labor typically range from $30 - 200.  Email or Call 440-951-1440 for a No Hassle, Vehicle specific quote!